Online Learning

What more can you ask for than a go about learning classroom? Carry your classroom everywhere you go.

Digital Results

At the end of the semester/term, Students can print their results online with a personalized scratchcard that will be provided to the school

Track progress

Keeping record of your student's ability is a key concern and can not be left out. This tool gives academic supervisors a platform to track performance.

Student Data Management

SkoolTool allows schools to store studens' information online where it can be organized and accessed anytime.

Information such as student details, class list, exam records etc., can be stored securely in SkoolTool and saved to the server.

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Examination Processing

SkoolTool can process students' records with up to 99% accuracy.

When students' examination scores are keyed into the system,
SkoolTool automatically processes it and produces the required output.

The instant result computation feature saves the time of manually
calculating result scores.

Automatic Result Compiler

SkoolTool gets rid of the delay related in computing bulk students' results and the stress on teachers in making the results available on time.

With the personalized scratch cards, students can access ready-to-print results online at the end of each semester.

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Online Learning

Learning on the go! We've got you covered with our online learning system, you don't have to bother about location.

Result Compilation

The delay in having students' result compiled and the stress on the teachers to making the results available on time, will be taken care of with SkoolTool.

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